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"Are FSH levels measured in both women and men?"

ZocdocAnswersAre FSH levels measured in both women and men?


I am 28 and having my FSH levels measured tomorrow. Should my boyfriend have his measured too. We want to start a family.


The first question I would have for you is why you are having your FSH levels measured in the first place. If you are have been trying to get pregnant for one year or longer without success, then you and your boyfriend deserve an infertility work up. In women FSH levels are one part of this workup. FSH (also called follicle stimulating hormone) is an important hormone that helps regulate your cycles. It is important in the development of ovarian follicles, which play an important role in ovulation. It should only be measured in you if you are undergoing an infertility work up. Measuring this hormone is not routinely done in males. The initial test to work up male infertility is to measure the man's sperm count. If this is abnormal, then measuring FSH and LH (another important hormone) may be warranted. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN, if you haven't done this already. If you are just starting to try and get pregnant, then you need a pre-pregnancy consultation so you can learn the best methods to increase you chances of getting pregnant. In addition, you can get an important prescription for prenatal vitamins to begin taking while you are trying to get pregnant.

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