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"Are there dating groups for people with GAD?"


I am a 27 year old man with GAD and it's very hard to date. How can I try to meet women? I always worry that I'm going to scare them away.


I suggest that you talk about these concerns with your therapist or psychologist. I say this because the best way to meet people and to successfully form relationships is to work on overcoming the anxiety that makes forming the relationships possible. It sounds like your anxiety symptoms are not very well controlled, and you may need to work on that with your therapist and also, potentially, with your psychiatrist if you are taking medications.

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Also, from your second comment it sounds like you might be dealing with some self esteem issues that might or might not be related to the anxiety. This is also something you can bring up in your therapy sessions for working through and resolving. Finally, it is often helpful for people with anxiety symptoms to make connections to others in low risk settings that do not trigger anxiety. This might, for example, mean exploring relationships that are introduced by family or friends. It also might mean working on meeting people through groups that are focused on other things, such as church groups or volunteer organizations. These setting, because they have another focus, can often alleviate the stress of a social setting that is more explicitly focused on dating.

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