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"What can I do to not gain weight?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do to not gain weight?


I exercise three times a week. I eat right. What else can I do to keep from gaining weight? I'm 28 and trying to look good.


The first thing I would suggest is that you visit your primary care doctor for a general medical check up. They will be able to assess where you are from a weight stand point and help you determine if you are already at a healthy weight or not. If you are overweight, they will also be able to determine whether there is any possibility of a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem, underlying the weight problem or not. If you are overweight but you do not have any indications of a medical condition, then your primary care doctor will also be able to make a referral for you to see a nutritionist. Most insurance plans will cover visits with nutritionists. The nutritionist is the best person to talk with about your weight loss goals. They can make an assessment of your current eating habits and determine if they are appropriate. If not, they can make specific recommendations about changes to your diet that you should make. At the same time, regular exercise will remain important. In fact, daily exercise of 30-60 minutes is recommended, so you should probably try to increase the amount of exercise that you are doing.

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