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"Is general anxiety disorder associated with depression?"


I'm 24 and have a long history of anxiety. I also get depressed very easily. Could it be tied to the anxiety?


I am sorry to hear that you have been dealing with an anxiety disorder for all of this time, and I am also sorry to hear that you are also currently struggling with depressive symptoms. I highly recommend that you get in to see your psychiatrist as soon as possible to discuss these issues. You are right to suspect that there is an association between anxiety disorders and depressive disorders.

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In fact many people with anxiety also suffer from some component of a mood disorder like depression. Many of the medications that are used for treating anxiety will also help to treat depression. However, if you have never been diagnosed with depression and you have not discussed this before with your doctor, this is very important to mention. If your psychiatrist knows that you are also dealing with mood symptoms then they will probably change your treatment regimen to cover both anxiety and depression symptoms. In the meantime, sometimes severe depression symptoms can lead to thoughts of harming yourself. If you notice any of these thoughts, this could be an emergency and you should talk to a doctor you trust immediately about these thoughts in order to get the help you need.

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