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"Does gestational diabetes go away after giving birth?"


My gestational diabetes has been the worst part of my pregnancy. I am 25 and it feels like things will never get better. Will my symptoms definitely improve once I giv birth?


Managing gestational diabetes is, as you say, often one of the most difficult and trying parts of the pregnancy for women who suffer from it. Fortunately, nearly all cases of gestational diabetes resolve shortly after birth. After giving birth, your doctors will check your blood sugar levels closely to make sure the diabetes has in fact resolved.

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In a small percentage of women, probably only 2% or so, the gestational diabetes doe not go away but rather converts to regular diabetes. In these women, the management of the diabetes and blood sugars must therefore be continued after the pregnancy is over. Even if your gestational diabetes goes away, which it probably will, this does not mean that you are totally free to do whatever you want. This is because women who have had gestational diabetes are at much higher risk of developing regular diabetes later in life. For this reason, it will be very important for you to continue to exercise regularly and eat well and maintain a healthy weight. If you need help with these issues after the pregnancy, you should talk to your primary care doctor, who will be able to discuss how to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

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