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"Can my doctor tell me whether I have a healthy BMI?"


I am going to see my doctor and want to know more about BMI. Can he tell me if I'm healhty okay? I am a 25 year old girl.


BMI, or Body Mass Index, is essentially a quantitative measurement of weight in proportion to your height. Obviously a very tall person can have a certain weight and be lean, but the same weight would not be considered healthy for a short person. Body Mass Index is calculated the following formula: BMI = Weight / Height(squared) The weight is in kilograms The Height is in meters Dividing your weight, by a square value of your height in meters would give you your BMI.

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The following cutoffs are used for BMI values: Less than 18.5 = Underweight 18.5 to 24.9 = Normal weight 25 to 29.9 = Overweight 30 to 39.9 = Obese 40 and up = Extremely Obese. Although BMI is used a lot in healthcare, it has some major pitfalls and is not always accurate. For example, someone who is an athlete or a weight lifter may have a BMI of 27, but be in top physical shape and be healthy. BMI does not account for body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone structure/build, etc. Therefore BMI is not always an accurate assessment of a patient's health and weight. Your doctor should be able to assess if your weight and BMI are appropriate for you. I recommend you speak to your primary care physician regarding your weight and BMI.

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