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"What foods are part of a healthy diet?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat foods are part of a healthy diet?


I am 27 and I think I eat too many avocados. My girlfriends tell me it's good fat, but still. What else should I eat?


The important key to healthy eating is to eat a well balanced and varied diet that contains a significant proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avocados are generally healthy, but they are high in fat, and eating too many of them may be more fat than you need and may lead to weight gain. One guide to health eating is the food pyramid, which is available online on many reputable health web sites. The food pyramid gives you some basic guidelines for how much of each major type of food (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sweets) you should be eating each day. This can be very helpful for people who like just a few types of foods and need some guidance in order to remember to eat a well balanced diet. Another good option for you would be to go see a nutritionist. A nutritionist will be able to make an assessment of your general eating habits as well as what is a healthy weight for you. Based on this assessment, they will be able to make some recommendations about what your daily eating plan should be like. They will also give you general counseling on healthy eating habits for the future.

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