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"Can healthy weight loss make me look better?"

ZocdocAnswersCan healthy weight loss make me look better?


I've set a weight loss plan but I want to look toned too. I am 31 and there's too much jiggling around. How can I get toned and lose weight?


Maintaining a healthy weight is an excellent way to promote lifelong health and well-being. Besides the emotional benefits of knowing you look your best, keeping a healthy weight can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, joint disease, and even many kinds of cancers. Losing weight is mathematically simple: if you take in fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. However, calorie restriction without paying attention to maintaining a balanced calorie intake can lead to health problems related to nutritional deficiencies. In addition, as you indicate, merely losing weight will not necessarily give you a fit, toned figure. In order to help maximize the benefits from your weight loss plan, it may be helpful for you to talk to a dietician and possibly to a personal trainer. You can always talk to your primary care physician about a referral to a dietician, as some PCP practices may have dieticians they recommend. Overall, a dietician can help guide you in developing a healthy eating plan that will minimize calories to help you lose weight while also making sure you include the right nutrients and vitamins in your diet. In a similar way, a personal trainer can help you incorporate exercise into your daily routine with a goal of both weight loss but also adding lean muscle which will give you the toned look you are after.

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