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"How often should I have a hearing test?"


I think I was 10 the last time I had my hearing tested. Should I get it tested again? I am 29 now. I think I hear fine. Never know.


It is definitely important to get yearly physical examinations from your primary care physician, during which they should examine your ears. If you are otherwise healthy, and have no particular hearing complaints, then I don't necessarily think that you would need to have an audiogram (hearing test) performed. In order to answer this question completely, you should see a physician who can take a thorough audiologic history.

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..for instance, why did you have your hearing tested when you were 10. Is there a history of recurrent ear infections, history of ear surgery, etc. Hearing tests are not typically routinely performed (without specific hearing or other otologic complaints) until the later decades in life. Thus if you don;t have specific complaints, I don't think that any further testing (other than a thorough ear exam during a yearly physical exam) needs to be done. Again, I can;t say this with certainty without knowing your entire history. I would still recommend using ear protection in any situation where there is a potential for noise abuse. While hearing aides have improved significantly over the past few years, there is still no way to reverse the permanent damage caused from traumatic noise exposure.

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