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"What are the dangers of HGH?"


Why ar eso many people against HGH? What are the dangers?


Growth hormone is a hormone that is normally made and secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. It has several functions in the human body, many of which are carried out by another hormone, insulin-like growth-factor 1, which is stimulated by growth hormone: 1) breakdown of fat 2) blocking of insulin function 3) regulation of protein synthesis. There are a few, rare medical conditions that human growth hormone treats, but it is better known by the general public recently for its exposure in the media as an abused substance in the athletic world.

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Like most other abused substances, human growth hormone poses many risks to people who use it outside of the usual medical reasons: 1) It can cause increased blood sugars and a diabetes-like state because it blocks the action of insulin. This can subject the user to all of the same risks of diabetes over time: heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage. 2) Muscle and joint pain 3) Swelling in the legs, or all over the body 4) Allergic reactions ranging from simple itching and rash all the way to anaphylaxis (closing of the throat) 5) There is also an increased risk of cancer with the use of human growth hormone, as it stimulates tumor growth. If you are considering using HGH for athletic or cosmetic purposes, you should not do so. However, if you think you have low HGH levels for some reason, you should see an endocrinologist for further evaluation.

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