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"What are the risks of a high protein diet?"


Are there any? Im tired of eting all carbs.


Yes there are many risks of a high protein diet. In the first place, most people already eat too much protein in a day. Therefore, consuming more protein does not represent a sustainable and healthy way of eating.

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The problem with the high protein diet and all other fad diets is that they simply substitute one unhealthy set of eating habits for another. This may result in short term weight loss, but usually this is not sustained. Most people who lose weight with a fad diet gain that weight back when they get tired of sticking to the plan. Other specific risks of a high protein diet is that it may lead to high blood levels of a chemical called ketones. This can be dangerous for you, especially if you have any kidney or liver problems. A better alternative to a fad diet is to make an appointment with a nutritionist. They can help you assess your eating habits and weight loss needs and help you come up with a realistic plan to accomplish those goals. Also, you may want to talk to your primary care doctor, who can be another source of support for you throughout the weight loss process.

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