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"Are homeopathic remedies as effective as real medicine?"


I've always thought the whole homeopathic thing was a scam. Could you tel lme if some are good?


Homeopathic medicines are commonly used throughout the country and more so throughout the world. I would strongly discussing with your doctor before trying any new medicine. Homeopathic medicines sometimes do work, and sometimes do not work.

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The real problem with homeopathic medicines (at least the problem that I as a medical doctor and many of my colleagues have) is that we really don't have the data to support any claim. For medicines that we use (the non-homeopathic prescription medicines), there are many studies that prove how effective they are, in which we study real patients and possible side effects or interactions. These studies are required before the Food and Drug Administration approves the medicine. Some of the trial drugs work and some don't, but only the safe and effective ones are approved and make it to the market. Homeopathic medicines don't go through the same rigorous studies that other medicines do. As such, we don't know if they work and if they are safe. Overall, we cannot say if homeopathic remedies work or are safe. As such, I do not recommend them. Talk with your doctor if you have specific questions about a specific remedy.

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