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"How can I induce labor?"


I think I may have to induce labor. How is this done?


You should talk to your OB GYN doctor about this, as they will be able to answer your questions. Induction of labor is not something you have to do for yourself, rather it is done in the hospital under the supervision of your OB GYN doctor. Basically, most pregnancies are allowed to deliver when they occur naturally.

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However, there are several situations in which it may be advisable to hurry this process along by inducing labor. Examples include when the baby has not come even though it is past the due date; induction keeps the baby from growing so large that it cannot exit properly. Other indications for induction might include a problem with the mother's health (like diabetes or high blood pressure) or with the baby's health that make your doctor think that it is better not to wait any longer. There are several medications that are used to induce labor, some of them are inserted locally into the vagina up near the cervix whereas others are given through an IV directly into the blood stream. The function of all of these medicines is to open up the cervix and to stimulate contractions in order to move the birthing process along. Good luck!

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