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"Is there more than one kind of insulin pump?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there more than one kind of insulin pump?


I do not like the one I have. I am 28 and would like a different kind. What are my options? What makes some better than others?


Insulin pumps are generally only managed by endocrinologists, so if you do not like the pump that you are currently using, I would suggest that you set up an appointment to discuss this with the endocrinologist who follows your diabetes. There are in fact several different types of insulin pumps on the market. The are all a bit different from each other. Some are smaller than others and some offer the ability to customize color. Some require tubing and others do not. The more substantive difference are in the type of computer software they use and the user interface; some are more complicated to use than others but may offer more customizable settings. You can get some basic information on different types of pump from diabetes websites, such as the one run by the American Diabetes Association. You might want to read through this information prior to going to your appointment with your endocrinologist, as this will give you at least a basic idea of the options that are available. Your endocrinologist will also be able to tailor recommendations for different types of pumps based on how your diabetes control is going and what types of options you need in your pump for proper management.

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