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"Can kids with ADHD make my daughter overly hyper?"

ZocdocAnswersCan kids with ADHD make my daughter overly hyper?


Hi. My daughter has a lot of ADHD friends and peers. Are they capable of making her more hyper than she normally would be, or is she just being a kid?


ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common medical condition that affects many children. The diagnosis of this is however quite difficult, and as such the condition causes concern for many parents as the ambiguity is concerning. That being said, the best way to make the diagnosis and address potential treatment is to have an evaluation and discussion with a pediatrician. I would recommend that you see your pediatrician to have this evaluated. Firstly, to answer your question -- children, and all people, model behavior on what they experience. As such, it is very common for a child to take on the characteristics of those around them -- their parents, siblings and friends. Therefore, if the friends are active then your daughter may act more active. That being said, this will not make your daughter get ADHD. ADHD is a pervasive disorder that affects children before the age of seven and affect multiple aspects of their life. Therefore, while your child may transiently act more active, she will not likely be fundamentally altered in her character. She will not develop ADHD from being around children with ADHD. Talk with your pediatrician if you have concerns that your child is hyperactive and may have ADHD. While it is likely she is just being a kid, if you have a concern, this can be evaluated.

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