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"What are the symptoms of leukemia?"


I am 31 and I worry I may have leukemia. What are the symptoms starting out? I have scheduled a doctor's appointment


It sounds like you have already done the most important thing, which is to schedule a visit with your primary care doctor to get yourself checked out. Leukemia, as you know, is a type of blood cancer. The symptoms of leukemia can actually be very vague and they can overlap with many other less serious types of medical problems.

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Therefore, I would not worry too much until you have seen your doctor, as there are many possibilities for what could be going on with your health. Some symptoms that can occur with leukemia include fatigue, fevers, night sweats, and weight loss. There may also be swollen glands (in the neck, armpit, or groin). You may have generalized muscle or bone pain, cough, or trouble breathing. You may also notice easing bruising or bleeding (such as excessive bleeding from your gums or bruising of the skin). You doctor will be able to ask you a whole series of questions to determine whether leukemia or another problem is most likely. They will also perform a good physical examination which will help them narrow down the possibilities and then they will make recommendations about whether further work up, such as blood work, is needed.

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