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"What should I do when I need my prescribed medication?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do when I need my prescribed medication?


i recently have moved to chicago, have yet to see a doctor,i am a college student who suffers from severe ADHD and have ran out of my prescribed medication for final exams


This is obviously a problem that needs to be resolved quickly, as final exams are fast approaching, and ADHD is a condition that needs to be managed well in order for you to perform optimally at this critical time. The first thing to do is try contacting the prescribing provider's office that you have been working with in the past. Depending on the urgency of the situation, how comfortable he or she is with your diagnosis and past follow up, and how soon you can be see, there might be something that your doctor from home would be able to do to help you at this time. The next step is to arrange an appointment with a physician who will be able to take care of your health needs now that you are in a new city. Many colleges and universities will offer a student health center with excellent hours and availability. Furthermore, the cost of medications and the appointment itself is usually very reasonable, as the university will often cover part of the cost. If that is not an option, use resources such as ZocDoc to find a well regarded physician in your area who will be able to see you shortly and speak with him or her about your situation soon.

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