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"Baby has cough - what should we do?"

ZocdocAnswersBaby has cough - what should we do?


My daughter is 110 days old, 5.6 kgs in weight and a normal delivery. She caught a little cold 4 days back due to sleeping in wet while we did not realize it. She has mild cough over the last 4 days. Tonight it was a little worse - she would cough around once every hour. Her feed is normal. We visited a doctor day before, and she suggested giving 2.5ml of "Phenergan" syrup thrice in a day. And suggested to get an x-ray done in 2-3 days if there was no improvement. The doctor had examined the baby from front and back with a stethoscope and said she could not find any thing wrong and everything was fine. But asked us to be on watch as the baby is small. Can you please suggest, depending on her present condition, should we get an x-ray done? Is the medicine fine? Thanks.


It sounds like your daughter most likely simply has a cold virus. Colds are very common in babies this age, often occurring multiple times per year. Having multiple colds does not indicate that your baby is "weak" or otherwise has some underlying condition. In general, cold symptoms will gradually improve over 7-10 days. As long as your daughter is gradually improving, you should not worry too much. On the other hand be on the look out for concerning symptoms. For example if your daughter is having high fevers, if she is breathing rapidly or if her chest looks like it is sucking in, if she is unable to drink liquids or has stopped urinating, or if she looks lethargic these are signs that you need to be reevaluated by your primary pediatrician or go to the emergency room for an evaluation. If none of these things are going on, then it is unlikely that you need to have an X-ray or otherwise be worried. It is also unlikely that you need to give the baby this medicine, which is a cough suppressant. In general, most pediatricians recommend against using cough suppressants and similar medicines in young babies like your daughter.

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