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"What can be done for keloids?"


I am a 32 year old black male who has had problems with keloids since my teens but didn't do much about it because my hair would cover them. That is no longer the case also I began to notice new ones growing in are there any permanent treatments and do I have to shave my head to do it.


Keloids are a reaction of the skin to injury in which the skin cells proliferate and form unsightly raised bumps. There tends to be a genetic predisposition to this, and in people with a tendency to form keloids it is very important to protect the skin. This is because the best treatment for keloids is to prevent new ones from forming.

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Once a keloid occurs, it can be difficult to get rid of. Therefore, people with a tendency towards keloids should avoid things like piercings and tattoos, as these may provoke new keloids. Also I am interested in why you are getting them on your head. Is this from trauma from shaving your hair? If so, you should definitely stop shaving. It terms of treating keloids, other than prevention, the first line treatment is probably to injected them with steroid medications. The steroid medications slow the growth and may cause the raised areas to atrophy down. Dermatologists has a few other approaches they may use, such as freezing, other topical medications, or laser treatments. Large keloids can be surgically removed, but it is best to avoid this if possible because the surgery may just trigger another keloid to form. Talk to your dermatologist about treatment options.

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