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"Is there a way to lose weight fast that doesn't involve exercise?"


I'm 285 pounds and 26 years old. I want to lose weight. Now. How can I do it?


In a word, no there is not. Daily, regular, aerobic exercise that makes you breathe fast and sweat on most days of the week is the cornerstone to healthy and successful weight loss. There is not really any way to get around this.

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Diet pills and supplements are generally not very effective; they have multiple potential side effects, and they generally only result in very minimal weight loss, maybe 10 pounds or so. Similarly, regular exercise must be coupled with healthy eating habits. You may want to talk to a nutritionist about this, as they can assess your current eating patterns and weight loss needs and help you figure out a specific plan for calorie reduction and establishing life long healthy eating habits. Bariatric surgery ("stomach stapling" and other types of surgery) are the other option for weight loss. However, the medical criteria for being eligible for bariatric surgery include that you must have first exhausted normal weight loss options, such as exercise and dieting. From your questions, it is not clear that you have tried these options yet. Sometimes, these criteria may be relaxed if you have a serious medical condition (such as diabetes), but this is also not clear from the question. Talk to your primary care doctor about diet and exercise options.

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