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"Will taking diet pills help me lose weight fast?"


I'm readyt o try anything. I'm a 22 year old woman and I?m tired of being fat.


First of all, congratulations on resolving to try to lose weight! This is a very important step towards a healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend against diet pills as a first line remedy for losing weight. First, they tend to have many side effects.

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Second, they are not very effective (5-10 pounds of weight loss might be a typical result) and can be expensive. Third, they do not help you fix the unhealthy eating habits that typically underlie being overweight. Start by talking to a nutritionist. The nutritionist can perform a detailed assessment of your current nutritional needs, eating habits, and weight loss goals. Based on this information, they can provide you with specific recommendations and a plan for successful calorie reduction and weight loss. Most importantly, they will teach you healthy eating habits that will serve you well over your life and will help you keep the weight off later on. You will also need to exercise, as any successful weight loss plan combines diet and exercise. The basic recommendation is that you should perform 30-60 minutes most days of an aerobic activity that is sufficiently vigorous to make you sweat and to raise your heart rate. Talk to your primary care doctor if you have more questions.

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