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"What is a low stout diet?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a low stout diet?


Is it like a high-protein diet? Is it safe?


A low stout diet is a type of low fat diet. It is one of many different popular fad diets that are available. Generally, fad diets should be avoided. The main problem with them is that they narrowly focus on eliminating one type of food or they introduce one set of bad eating habits in place of another. What is needed, rather, is education about healthy eating and gradual changing of eating habits so that they are sustainable for the long haul. Although fad diets often result in immediate weight loss, they are not usually feasible for very long, and most people who use one eventually end up gaining the weight back. A better alternative is to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. The nutritionist is trained to make an overall assessment of your eating habits and weight loss needs and goals. On the basis of this assessment, they will make specific recommendations about how to move forward with balanced, healthy eating as well as calorie reduction, if that is necessary in order to lose some weight. You can also talk to your primary care doctor who may have specific dietary recommendations based on any medical conditions you may have.

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