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"Are low-fat diets better than low-carb diets?"

ZocdocAnswersAre low-fat diets better than low-carb diets?


I would like to get fit fast. Should I minimize my fat while I build muscle or minimize my carbs?


Neither one of these approaches is ideal. In fact, most fad or popular diets should be avoided. This is because avoiding one type of food or other extreme or unbalanced approaches does not fix the underlying problem with most eating habits. What these diets tend to do is simply replace 1 set of bad eating habits with another. They also do not help you learn how to eat in a balanced, healthy way, and so they are not sustainable over the long haul. For this reason, most people who use fad diets tend to lose a little bit of weight quickly, but then this tends to come back again relatively soon. A better approach would be to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. They are trained to make an overall assessment of your eating habits and lifestyle, as well as your ideal body weight and weight loss goals. Based on these assessments, they will be able to recommend to you a realistic, detailed plan for reduced your caloric consumption in a way that is healthy and sustainable. They will also teach you how to maintain these habit over the coming years, an approach which is more likely to result in long term success.

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