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"Is magnetic resonance imaging dangerous in any way?"

ZocdocAnswersIs magnetic resonance imaging dangerous in any way?


I signed up for a clinical trial where they will do an MRI. Can this hurt me?


Magnetic resonance imaging is an advanced type of medical imaging that is excellent at looking at detailed pictures of the inner body. MRI has many advantages, and only a few disadvantages. From your prospective, the MRI is not dangerous. In fact, it is safer than almost all other types of imaging because it does not use any radiation. X-rays and CAT scans use radiation to gather the data they need to make images. While the amount of radiation in these tests is low, it can add up if you have many of them done throughout your life. There are no long term complications to having multiple MRIs. The main problem people have with the MRI is the time it takes to have one (can be up to an hour). In addition, if you have metal implants in your body, or if you have tattoos, then this can be a problem. In addition, the tube that is used to take the images is small. Thus people that have claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) either cannot have them, or they need to be sedated to have them done. Since you are having this done as a part of a study, this would not be ideal if you need medication to have it done. This should be a judgment call by the doctor's that have placed you in this study. Good luck.

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