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"What is male menopause?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is male menopause?


I've never heard of it. The doctor says my dad might have it. I thought only women got menopause.


Male menopause is a term used to describe the decline in testosterone production that occurs naturally with aging men. Symptoms of male menopause are fatigue, impotence, and reduced sperm count. While all men experience some of this decline, some are more symptomatic than others and those that experience more of these symptoms sometimes wind up with this diagnosis. It differs from female menopause in that not all men experience these symptoms. Men typically begin to show signs of decline in their testosterone levels at a much older age than women. In addition, while menopause occurs rather quickly in women (over the course of about a year), male menopause is a slowly developing phenomenon in which testosterone production decreases slowly over time. Depending on the severity of symptoms, some doctors will prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to some of their patients. Some men that receive this replacement get relief from their symptoms, and others do not benefit from it as much. It is for these reasons that we do not routinely screen for symptoms of male menopause. The best physician for your father to see about this is his primary care physician. He or she can discuss the symptoms, discuss the pros and cons of treatment, and a decision about treatment can be made.

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