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"Does male menopause make men feel fatigued?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes male menopause make men feel fatigued?


How does male menopause affect men? I am a 28 year old male. Will I get it?


Male menopause is the popular term that is used to describe the natural decline in sex hormone (testosterone) levels that occur as men age. An important thing to remember is that, unlike female menopause, which has clear and obvious effects on the body's functioning, there is no overwhelming evidence that a similar phenomenon exists in men. This is not to say that testosterone levels do not go down (which they clearly do) but that it is unclear whether they typically decline enough to cause problems. In theory, however, low testosterone levels could have multiple effects on the body including poor sexual function or desire, decrease muscle mass and strength, changes in mood, decrease in bone density, and the like in older men. Therefore, if older men are experiencing these symptoms, they should talk with their primary care doctors. If there are no other identifiable causes of the symptoms, their doctor may choose to test for low testosterone and have a conversation about whether or not this is clinically significant and should be managed with testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone is not an entirely benign medication, and there are some risks associated with taking it that should also be discussed prior to making a decision.

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