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"Can massage therapy help declutter my mind?"

ZocdocAnswersCan massage therapy help declutter my mind?


I'm 25 and can't remember the last time I wasn't stressed out. Should I have a massage? Will this give me some peace?


Massage therapy is an excellent alternative medical therapy. Licensed massage therapists are well trained to work closely with the patient to identify which needs they have, such as particular areas of soreness or tightness in the muscles, and then to focus on those areas. The benefits of massage therapy, especially if you have it regularly, can include an enhanced sense of wellness and decreased levels of stress. You should also think about other things you can do in your life to reduce your stress levels. These include making sure you get excellent, regular sleep each night. Regular, daily aerobic exercise can also work wonders for reducing stress levels, as can making sure to eat healthy, well balanced meals. You should also try to reduce your consumption of caffeine containing beverages such as coffee and sodas, and you should moderate your alcohol consumption (alcohol in particular interferes with normal sleep patterns). If you try all of these things and you still have no luck reducing your symptoms, then it may be that you are suffering from a mood problem, such as an anxiety disorder. You should talk to your primary care doctor, who will be able to determine if further treatment is needed.

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