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"What are the mental drawbacks to having a mastectomy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the mental drawbacks to having a mastectomy?


I'm 35 and while I'm physically prepared for my mastectomy I dont think I have what it takes to deal with the emotional reprecussions. How can I come to peace with what needs to be done?


I am very sorry to hear that you are dealing with this problem, as it sounds like you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are preparing to go forward with your treatment. This can be a very difficult time for you, and it is very important that you surround yourself with friends and loved ones, as they will be your best source of support. You should also discuss your fears openly with your cancer doctor and your other doctors, as they have a lot of experience in this situation and can help counsel you. Your cancer treatment center probably offers cancer support groups and social workers. You should explore those options. There may even be a support group in your community or close to your home. Being around others who are going through the same situation or have already gone through it is often very helpful. You may also want to see an individual counselor, therapist, or psychologist. You could talk to your primary care doctor or your cancer doctor if you wish to do this, as they no doubt will have a list of people that they would be happy to refer you to for additional support and help.

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