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"Does menstrual flow decrease with time?"


My period starts and is very heavy until the last day instead of tapering off. I am 24. Shouldn't it ease up?


Menstrual flow is very individualized. For many women, you are correct that flow may pick up towards the middle and then taper off at the end of the period. However, for other women it may be totally normal to have very heavy flow right up to the end of the period.

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I do not think this in and of itself is a cause for concern. If this has been a recent change for you (for example if in the past you always had light periods and now they are very heavy) or if you are having a lot of menstrual irregularity (coming late, starting early, etc), then you should get this checked out by your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor. There are some medical conditions such as uterine fibroids or polycystic ovarian syndrome that could cause these types of irregularity and that might need medical treatment. If your periods are regular and unchanged and if you otherwise feel well, I do not think that you need to worry more about this problem. However, if you have very heavy flow, this may provoke anemia and you may need to be tested and potentially treated for that. Again, please discuss further with your OB GYN. However,

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