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"How can I keep my son from becoming morbidly obese?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I keep my son from becoming morbidly obese?


My son eats so much and exercises so little. How can I get him to eat less or exercise more or both??


This question would be easier to answer if I knew what age your son was. I will assume that he is young and is still seeing his pediatrician. Therefore, my first advice would be to go talk to your pediatrician. As the doctor who knows your son the best, they will have some suggestions for you. Many pediatrics clinics now have specialty weight loss programs for children and teenagers. These programs are usually integrated and involve multiple specialites, such as nutrition and psychiatry. They often also have a strong peer component, so teens or children are encouraged to interact with each other and to help each other learn to eat healthy and exercise. At home, you can contribute to your son's health by always shopping for only healthy foods and not stocking junk foods or sodas at home. You can also work to limit the amount of time he is allowed to spend watching television or playing on the computer. Many communities now have special fitness programs for children to encourage them to lose weight. You could also encourage your son to participate in some sports program at his school. Talk to your pediatrician for more suggestions.

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