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"Do natural remedies help one overcome the flu?"


I finally got the flu this winter and was out cold for weeks. What natural remedies should I look into if I ever get it again?


The flu, caused by the influenza virus (which evolves and changes every year), is best prevented rather than cured. For most of us who have ever gotten the virus, getting the vaccine becomes much more important because we now understand just how miserable you can feel, and how long it can last. Once you have contracted the disease, however, supportive therapy is in order.

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This means lots of rest, lots of thin liquids, and perhaps warm soups and teas. All of these help your body to do what it does best, which is fight the viral invasion that is occurring. The battle that has to happen is very taxing to your body, and all of this lost energy makes you feel very fatigued (as you know). If you notice the symptoms early enough, you can visit your doctor and possibly start a medication that has been found to help reduce the duration of the symptoms. This does best when started within 24 hours of the first symptoms, however, and so you need to be aware and visit quickly. As always, visiting your doctor to discuss your concerns is in order, and should be done with any high fever, long sickness, or other concerning problem.

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