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"What foods should I prepare for my obese cousin when he visits to help him lose weight?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat foods should I prepare for my obese cousin when he visits to help him lose weight?


Hi. I am a 35 year old woman and my cousin is obese. I want to cook him tasty, healthy foo so he can see food that's good for him can taste good too. What are the healthiest things I should cook for him or that he should eat?


Losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. It is so difficult, in part, because it requires consistent effort for a significant period of time. While it is admirable that you are concerned about your cousin and his well being, it is hard to know if your example and encouragement will benefit him. You should also take care to be supportive rather than pushy, as a person's weight is a very sensitive topic. Encouraging a visit to a doctor for routine health examinations is less pushy, and might be a good way to help, as your cousin's physician is sure to discuss weight if that is an issue. To answer your question, there is no perfect answer to your question. You should be eating healthy, balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables in moderate portion sizes on a routine basis. Not having high fat, high calorie snacks is also an important part of losing weight. Replacing these with vegetable trays and fruit is a great start. Unfortunately, however, it is up to your cousin to make the changes necessary, and he needs to feel that you are his ally in life rather than trying to "fix" him. A healthy example on your part will be most beneficial.

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