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"Why is obesity considered dangerous?"


I've always been big and my health has never been in any trouble. Why should I lose weight if I'm not feeling bad?


Obesity is a huge problem in America. As more and more of our society continues to gain weight, we are starting to see the effects of these lifestyle choices both on a macro and micro level. As a country, our health care costs are escalating tremendously because of the added costs that obesity brings.

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This is because obesity, over the long term, can cause increased rates of diabetes, heart disease, bone disease, and even cancer. Additionally, those who are overweight generally do not recover as well from routine illness and routine surgical procedures. In short, the quality of their life is impacted in many ways. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is something like high blood pressure: it doesn't cause huge problems immediately, and so people ignore the fact that it is causing more problems every day, and will eventually lead to a premature death in most people. For that reason, doctors continue to encourage all of us to achieve and maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise. If you are having trouble with your weight, please speak to your primary care doctor about what you can do to improve your life over the long term.

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