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"At what age can obsessive compulsive disorder start?"


Is it possible for a baby to show OCD? My two-year-old keeps playing with the ame colored blocks.


Any behavioral concerns that you might have about how your toddler is growing and developing should be directed first of all to your primary pediatrician. There are several things that could be going on, including normal toddler behavior. Toddlers, when they are exploring their worlds, often will engage in some repetitive behaviors.

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This is because, as they discover ways in which they can control and manipulate their world, they can become tremendously excited by and fixated on new activities. However, odd or stereotyped behaviors can also be signs of an emerging autism spectrum disorder. This would be a more likely diagnosis than obsessive compulsive disorder (although this is a bit academic because one of the symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder is obsessive compulsive types of behavior). Other symptoms that would be concerning for an autism spectrum disorder would include emotional swings (again, hard to sort out from normal two year old behavior) or acting withdrawn and not engaging in social interactions. Most likely, your pediatrician is already screening for autism spectrum disorder at each well child check (usually there is a list of questions that you have to fill out). But it is definitely worth bringing it up again if you have concerns.

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