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"How many organ transplants are successful?"

ZocdocAnswersHow many organ transplants are successful?


Hello. I am a 29 year old woman and I want to give my mother one of my kidneys. What should we know? What are the possible complications?


There are few greater altruistic deeds you can do for someone than donating an organ. I think you will like this answer, as it will be mostly good news. The vast majority of kidney transplants are successful. The recipient of the kidney will normally begin making urine right away and can go off dialysis. A series of immune system suppressant medications are required to be taken without exception for life after a transplant to prevent rejection. After a living donor (you) gives up one of your kidneys, the other kidney will take over and be able to handle all of the bodies needs that both kidneys previously performed. The only increased risk you have is operative complications, losing your only kidney from an injury, infection, or cancer will not leave you with a spare. Before considering undergoing this procedure, you must be fully evaluated by a qualified nephrologist (kidney doctor) who will be able to tell for sure if your body will be minimally effected by having one kidney. You will also have to be tested to see if you and your mother are an appropriate match for organ donation. After a series of extensive blood tests, and imaging tests of your kidneys, you and your mother will need to then have a consultation with a transplant surgeon who will plan and carry out the operation.

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