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"What treatments exist for postpartum depression?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat treatments exist for postpartum depression?


Will meditation help? I get so sad when I see my kid.


Many new mothers feel overwhelmed and sad after the birth of their baby, however, these feelings are usually brief, lasting less than two weeks. However, some new moms experience a more severe and long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Symptoms include insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability and anger, severe mood swings, difficulty bonding with your baby and even thoughts of harming yourself or your baby. It is very important for you to seek help immediately as untreated postpartum depression can interfere with the mother-child bond, family problems, and an increased chance of behavioral problems and language delays in the child. There are many effective treatments for postpartum depression. Your doctor will likely prescribe a combination of counseling and antidepressants. It is important to try to take care of yourself as much as possible during this rough period as well. Try to find someone to help you care for your baby so that you can get some much needed rest. Exercise can also be very beneficial as it releases "feel-good" endorphins. Be sure to check with your doctor that you are able to exercise following the birth of your baby. If you have any thoughts of harming yourself or your baby seek emergency care immediately. Please talk to your doctor for more information.

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