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"Are preemie babies inclined to having disabilities?"

ZocdocAnswersAre preemie babies inclined to having disabilities?


Will my early born have learning or physical disabilities?


Having a baby is always a difficult time because of the extra stress that it places on the personal lives of so many people. The stress is perhaps even greater with a premature birth, because of the additional time and effort of visiting the hospital frequently and being constantly concerned about the well being of someone that you love. For some of the earliest premature babies, there is the added worry of long term complications and disabilities. While modern medicine has made many advances at keeping extremely young infants alive, we are still not able to replicate the successful environment that only a mother can provide until birth. While there are many complications that are associated with premature birth, it is important to understand that each individual child is unique, and that there is no way to predict how your child will do. While there may be some obvious signs that are either comforting or concerning, your doctor will likely advise you that time will tell more than any amount of testing or prediction currently. Your physician and hospital will also be able to help you get the support you need so that you can continue on the road ahead, whatever it may bring. Please speak with your doctor for more specific information.

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