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"How long doe preemie babies have to stay in the hospital?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long doe preemie babies have to stay in the hospital?


I want to take him home to his father who is under house arrest. How long does my child have to stay in the hospital?


Giving birth can be an exciting and difficult time, especially when things are not quite arranged as you would like at home. Unfortunately, giving birth to a child before his or her due date only increases the anxiety and stress levels, both because the mother and family are worried about the health of the baby, and also because it is difficult to have someone in the family be required to spend so much time at the hospital. When your child is premature, there are many variables that go into the decision about when that child can leave the hospital, and there are various milestones that need to be met as well. Your doctor will want to be sure that your baby is able to get adequate nutrition, for example, so that you don't end up bringing him or her back quickly for malnutrition. One general rule of thumb is that your child will need to spend the amount of time that he or she would have spent inside of you at the hospital, but this is only a dated rule that is hardly applicable to most cases. Instead, please discuss your question and your unique circumstances with your doctors.

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