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"Is pregnancy reversible in the first few months?"

ZocdocAnswersIs pregnancy reversible in the first few months?


I do not know if I want to keep it. I am 24 and feel too young. Can I have an abortion. I am on week 10.


Facing an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy can be very difficult, both physically and emotionally. You should discuss your concerns with your primary care physician, as he or she can help you consider your options and make the best decision for you. Ending a pregnancy with an abortion or choosing to give birth to a child are both very big decisions and you should feel supported throughout the decision-making process. From a medical standpoint, you can have a legal abortion at 10 weeks. Depending on where you live you may be able to have a surgical abortion at a hospital or you may need to go to a medical center such as Planned Parenthood. Your physician can help discuss these options with you. However, the type of abortion you can safely have (medical or surgical) does depend on how far along you are. For this reason you will likely need to see an obstetrician who can officially date the pregnancy with an ultrasound. You should also know that if you do decide you want to keep the baby that there are options for support during this process. Again, your physician can put you in touch with these resources, should you decide that you do want to continue the pregnancy. The most important thing is that you feel that your questions and concerns have been answered and addressed.

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