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"What pregnancy information should I have to ensure a healthy baby?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat pregnancy information should I have to ensure a healthy baby?


Should I read certain books or eat certain foods?


Most OBGYN doctors have a list of things that they want their pregnant patients to do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely ensure a perfectly complication free pregnancy. There are a number of actions most OBGYNs would recommend to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy: If you smoke, you should quite completely. Smoking has been associated with various problems including low birth weight. Even more important is alcohol. Most OBGYNs will recommend that you do not consume any alcohol during your pregnancy. To reduce the likelihood of brain defects, most doctor's recommend that their patients take a prenatal vitamin which contains folic acid. Finally, doctor's recommend against rigorous or high-impact exercise as these can cause problems in certain women. In terms of foods, it is always a good idea to have a well balanced diet while you are pregnant. Most OBGYNs will have a pamphlet that you can take home with you after your first pregnancy consultation. This will have some of this basic information that you can start implementing the same day. There are hundreds of pregnancy information books that can be purchased at a book store as well. Make sure to speak to your doctor regularly while pregnant, and especially before you make any change to your diet, lifestyle, or medications. Good luck.

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