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"Can being big-boned push me over my proper weight?"

ZocdocAnswersCan being big-boned push me over my proper weight?


I am a tall girl and I think it's making me heavier than I am. I'm 26 and a bit above my proper weight.


Actually it is a something of a myth that being "big boned" can contribute to being over weight. Of course, if you are taller than someone else you will also be on average heavier than them. However, doctors and nutritionists use the body mass index (BMI) as the main way for assessing if someone is overweight, and the body mass index is corrected for height. Therefore, if you have not already calculated your body mass index that would be the way to go. Definitions for being overweight based on BMI are as follows: overweight is defined as having a BMI between 25-30 and obese is defined as having a BMI over 30. If you fall into these categories, then you should think about weight reduction to improve your overall health. If you are overweight, then talking to a nutritionist can be an excellent first step, as they can assess your eating habits and help you come up with a well balanced, sensible meal plan. Additionally, it is important to engage in aerobic exercises, at least 30-60 minutes on most days of the week, in order to maintain a healthy weight. Please discuss with your doctor for more information.

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