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"What can I do about hypo & hyper-pigmentation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about hypo & hyper-pigmentation?


I am 40 & have always covered my legs because of uneven tone skin. I have gone to many doctors over the years & have never had any luck.


One thing to sort out is why you have these areas of uneven skin pigmentation on your legs. The most common reason for hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation is trauma to the skin (acne, folliculitis, shaving, etc). If there is a treatable cause of trauma, then taking care of this is important because, the tone of the skin will often even out slowly over time if the source of irritation is withdrawn. If there is no obvious active cause in your case, then the next step would be to see your dermatologist. They are specialists in this type of problem, and they may have some options to recommend to you. For example bleaching creams may be used to even out areas of hyperpigmentation. Similarly, procedures like chemical peels or dermal abrasion might lead to the formation of new skin tissue, which could even out the skin tone. Small discrete areas of hypopigmentation can be tattooed sometimes. The important thing is to have an examination by your dermatologist to see if any of these treatments are realistic or suited for your particular pattern of pigmentation. I would also avoid most over the counter products that claim to even out skin tone as these tend to be expensive but not really work.

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