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"Back in December I had a cortizone shot in my rotator cuff for pain in right shoulder (inflamed)"


I am still in pain 4 month later! Need treatment, therapy?


I would start by seeing your primary care doctor again, just to touch base and have an examination performed. Sometimes, rotator cuff strains can take quite a while to heal. Depending on what your doctor finds on examination, they may recommend more medications, such as a course of antiinflammatory medications like ibuprofen or naprosyn or another steroid injection.

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They may also refer you to physical therapy for rehabilitation and strengthening exercises, which can be very helpful. If they find an signs concerning for severe pain or weakness, suggesting perhaps a tear of the rotator cuff rather than just a continued tendonitis or strain, they may refer you back to an orthopedic doctor. An orthopedic doctor may decide to perform some imaging, such as an MRI to detect any damage. In more severe cases of torn rotator cuffs that do not respond to conservative management with pain or anti inflammatory medications and physical therapy surgery may be necessary. Surgical options could include athroscopy (small incisions with cameras into the shoulder joint) versus an open surgical procedure. I would start, however, by revisiting your primary care doctor for a reassessment of your current pain and ability to function and some advice about how to proceed.

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