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"I was in a car accident this a.m., totaled car - go to er or not?"


I hit my head air bag inflated nose bleed forehead bump seat belt laceration and of course back. car totalled hit tree deputy said car crumpling saved my life head ache one side go to er or not?


Wow, I am very sorry to hear that you got into such a bad accident. Definitely go to the emergency room. There are a multitude of problems that can occur with trauma, in particular head trauma.

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Even though you had an air bag that thankfully deployed, there is a potential for whip-lash injury to your cervical spine. Also if you developed a nose bleed and bump on your head, presumably you hit them on something which could have caused anything from a contusion (bruise) to a fracture. As far as the nose bleed goes, it would be prudent to have a physician look in your nose to make sure that you haven't developed a septal hematoma which is a collection of blood underneath the mucosa of the septum (divider in the middle of the nose) which can disrupt the actual blood flow to the cartilage of the septum and cause permanent deformity. Beyond the relatively unimportant potential cosmetic worries of a septal hematoma, much more serious life-threatening issues can present themselves in a delayed fashion after head trauma such as something called a sub-dural hematoma. I am not at all saying that you have any of these things, but it definitely warrants a thorough examination by a trained physician to tell you that you are ok. My recommendation is to go to an ED. Best of luck and I hope this helps.

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