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"Is a raw diet healthy for diabetics?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a raw diet healthy for diabetics?


I'm a 21 year old diabetic looking to change up my nutritional plan. Is going raw safe for me in terms of the carb balance?


Raw diets can be healthy for most people, including diabetics. That being said, the utility of a raw diet is questionable in terms of how it will affect your long term health and diabetes control. I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. In fact, it may be helpful to discuss this with a dietitian -- a specialist in diets. To answer your question -- YES -- a raw diet can be healthy. One of the few populations in which we tell people to avoid a raw diet is if people are immunosupressed, i.e. they have a weakened immune system. More specifically, people who are neutropenic -- or lack a specific type of blood cell that fights infections, are advised to avoid raw foods. For diabetics, the carbohydrate load of raw foods can be maintained in a normal state. Like before, it is important to note the carbohydrate load of each food you eat. In addition, you will need to monitor your sugars more regularly while you change your diet -- as any diet change can cause a change in insulin requirements (either up or down). Long term, there is no data to say that a raw diet is better for you. In addition, most people cannot sustain a raw diet for very long -- as such, I do not often recommend it. Talk to a dietitian for more information.

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