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"Are raw foods diets just a trend?"


My husband recently started a raw food diet and I haven't seen much change. Is there any science to this or are they a trend?


Although I have not heard of the "raw food diet" before, I know many people are trying diets in which they try to eat foods fresh instead of foods that have preservatives. In theory, such diets should be healthier for the body. Processed food has other chemicals in them that are not useful to the body.

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They are probably not harmful, though some people (not doctors) believe that they lead to disease. There is no science behind this belief, but since eating foods without preservatives is certainly not harmful, doctors don't discourage the diet. The only benefit that I would predict from such a diet is the reduction in total calories consumed and an increase in vitamins and minerals. This is because processed foods tend to have been stripped of some of these nutrients and they also tend to have a higher concentration of calories. The best type of physician for you to see about your diet is your primary care physician. He or she can review the foods you eating and suggest changes that may help you lose weight (if needed) and prevent known complications of a poor diet such as heart disease. Do not try any new diet without first talking to your doctor.

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