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"What are some cures to sinusitis?"


Do neti pots help? I am 24 and this is my first instance of sinusitis.


Sinusitis is an annoying and very unfortunate condition to have, but it is also very common. Your doctor will have many options for you to help you start feeling better, but some of them you can do yourself. Getting good rest, drinking lots of clear liquids, and washing your hands regularly are a few good tips to start.

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After that, things such as the Neti pot have been shown to help some people with rhinosinusitis, especially those types that are exacerbated by allergies. This is thought to be because the salt water rinse helps to reduce the burden of allergens that are usually present. You might find that flushing your nose with salt water helps you to feel better, too. If your problems continue, some of the over the counter cough and cold remedies can be helpful as well at reducing the amount of mucus production and helping you to feel better. Finally, your doctor will have other options if you continue to suffer from sinus trouble. If the problem has persisted, antibiotics might be in order to help your body get over the hump. Please speak to your doctor about your sinus trouble if you have concerns.

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