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"How do I know it's time to seek help for my stress management?"


I've started lashing out at my family. What should I do? It's not their fault. I'm not physically violent, but I'm not as nice as I should be. I'm a 32 year old man.


I would suggest that you discuss this problem with your psychiatrist or primary care doctor. It is possible that you are just stressed out (which doesn't excuse lashing out at your family) or you may have something else going on, such as a mood problem like depression or anxiety. If so, it is important for this to be diagnosed quickly so that proper treatment can be started.

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Your doctor will be able to determine whether you need medical treatment for depression, anxiety, or another condition. In addition to medications, you may benefit from therapy sessions with a counselor or psychologist. If this all turns out just to be stress, then you will still benefit from therapy sessions although medications will likely not be needed. You will also need to learn to control your stress better. You may want to start by trying to make some changes in your lifestyle that promote relaxation and well being. These could include eating regular healthy meals rather than eating on the go, making sure to get enough sleep every night, and making sure to engage in regular aerobic exercise most days of the week. Talk to your doctors about other ideas for relieving stress.

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