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"Is there a cure to testicular cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a cure to testicular cancer?


Is it a mater of when it was caught? I am 34 and I think I am about to be diagnosed with it.


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with this stressful situation. Just keep in mind that there are several things that can be happening inside the testicles, only one of which is testicular cancer. So it is still possible that you might have another condition that is less serious. Even if you do turn out to have testicular cancer, this is a type of cancer that has a very good prognosis generally speaking. Even though there are some times of testicular cancer that are more serious than others, still the outcomes are usually good. The survival rate from testicular cancer is high even if the cancer has metastasized and spread out of the testicle into other parts of the body. Testicular cancer is diagnosed by biopsy of a suspicious lump in the testicle. If the cancer is confirmed, your cancer doctors will work to determine if the cancer has spread throughout your body. They will also look at the subtype of testicular cancer that is found in the biopsy. This information together will help them decide what type of treatment is needed for your cases. Different types of treatment that are used in testicular cancer include radiation treatment, chemotherapy, and surgery.

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