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"How is testicular cancer detected?"

ZocdocAnswersHow is testicular cancer detected?


I know men are supposed to do self tests but my testes are just kind of lumpy any way, what is the best way to do self tests?


The best way to do a self-test is to take the testes, one at a time, in one hand, pinching it gently against the scrotum skin to smooth out any wrinkles that may be in the scrotum. Then, using two fingers on the other hand, slowly pat all sides of the testicle slowly. You will find the epdidymis (part of the testicle where the vas deferens and blood vessels insert) is difficult to feel around, but do your best. Many men have "lumpy" testicles, but what you are feeling for is a hard nodule that feels DIFFERENT than the texture of the rest of the testicle (imagine a grain of uncooked rice on top of a sponge). If you feel something like this, then the best way to look for testicular cancer is to see your primary care physician, and be referred for a testicular ultrasound. This will confirm whether or not you truly have a mass in your testicle. No medical studies have shown that male self-testicular exams can detect cancer sooner and lead to decreased rates of cancer, but generally, as testicular cancer is the most common cancer among males ages 18-36, you should do this monthly. Please talk to your primary care doctor for more detailed information.

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